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VICMODEL is a model manufacturer founded by a model lover with a passion for the industry.


At VICMODEL we ensure the detail on each model is perfected to ensure the quality of our model making. The company owns over 100 molding tools for producing a wide variety of models such as container models, airplanes, ships, forklift vehicles, trucks and car models.


VICMODEL is one of the premier scale model manufacturers for top brands including MSC, Maersk, CMA CGM, COSCO, DHL, Fedex, UPS, China Eastern airline, Air France, Air Canada, Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Man, MSC. Not limited to and ever expanding.


What are the models that we are making right now you ask?


Current Models


Custom shipping container models, ship model,forklift vehicle models, truck models, airplane model and car models with client’s graphics. These are based on the existing molding tools with the clients vision and design.


Custom Models


Custom model produced with clients own molding tools.


Working with VICMODEL


So, why work with VICMODEL?


We will ensure the complete model, representing the original design. Nothing will be changed from by us or any 3rd party. All private molds will NOT be used in producing products for any other clients. Making every product unique and gaining the customers trust in their first purchase to their future purchases are paramount in our goal.

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