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How to tell the diffrence between a model car and a toy car?

Jason Dunn British automobile writer

Before going into the industry, we need to know what the difference is between a top tier quality car model compared to regular replicas or toy cars.

Toy cars generally don’t take the time to perfect the details of the car, though toy cars might have different designs. While a car model on the other hand will be rendered exactly as the original design just on a smaller scale.

There are few ways in which you can define a model car such as: Standard proportions, very well detailed from its components to it’s exterior and along with the original cars brand producing factory authorization. Without these aspects, any other would be your typical ‘toy car’.

Based on these points and characteristics, the following will distinguish between the car model and your typical toy car:

1. The car model must have the original cars design and rendered to the exact description. The detailed ratio aspect is very important on measuring the the model car. Unlike the model car, the details on the toy car would not be to the exact ratio which would not make them unique at all.

2. Every inch of detail of model cars will be to the exact replication of the actual original car, modification of certain details are not allowed when making car models. Once every bit of attention to detail is made from the model to the original, it really shows the quality of model cars compared to their counter part such as toy cars where it can be up to their imagination.

3. All model cars are made from quality metals and plastic, some type of materials used on model cards are resin, zinc alloy and ABS. The color and or any vinyls should look exactly like the models original real car.

4. The model car manufacturer must produce the model to the exact as the original design, must obtain the authorization of the original factory and brand.

On top of this, in order to create a high quality precision model, manufacturers also need technical support from their original car counterparts with 100% accurate data. Most of this would not be required for creating the standard toy models.

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